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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Kathy’s Mother’s Day Gift 🎁 Guide!

Decisions in 2016 at White’s

Today I made a momentous decision – I decided to terminate our conventional phone line and go strictly cellular. There was no reason to keep it – only telemarketers, politicians and “courtesy callers” were using it. A no-brainer decision, right?

Yet it feels strange to cut my ties with old ways and cast my fate to the cloud, even as I now ponder dumping my cable company and streaming our tv from now on – change is necessary but not always easy. The challenge is to decide what to change and what to hold on to – how to adapt and take advantage of technology without losing that which is real.

In a time of facebook “friends”, virtual reality (an oxymoron if ever there was one, guitar hero and karaoke, we as a store have dedicated ourselves to keeping it real – real value, real quality, and real interaction, A place where like-minded people can gather, converse, share, and maybe treat themselves to things that please them. I hope we’ve been able to achieve that, and we’ll try our best to stay true to ourselves.

And so we’ll try to use new methods to spread the message without changing it. Friend us on Facebook and keep up with what’s “in store.” Allow us into your mailbox so we can offer you specials and notify you of upcoming events and trunk shows. And text us or e-mail us and let us know what you want – we love to please you. If we don’t have your e-mail address, please sign up on this website – We will never misuse your information and we promise to make your participation worthwhile.

As always, our deepest gratitude for your support – looking forward to seeing you in the store.